Galina Lubachevsky, M.S.

Food Scientist, Wellness Consultant, Energy Healer, Speaker and Author

Turning Dis-Ease into Ease

Were you recently diagnosed with a chronic illness?
Have you suffered for a while?
 Are you satisfied with the care you've received from your doctors?
Are you overwhelmed, depressed, and exhausted?

You don't have to feel that way!
There is an amazing source of power that can heal you and make you feel good again! 
 Galina would love to help you re-discover that remarkable healing power. 
 We won't need to go far - it is in you!
 Reclaim your Well-being now!

Galina was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008.  After her initial surgery she chose to use exclusively holistic methods. Utilizing her strong scientific background and 15 years of food industry R&D experience developing healthy food products, she researched alternative cancer protocols, diets and therapies. She traveled the world in search of a healer who would cure her. Nothing seemed to control growth of the tumor.