Galina's Wellness

Empowered Healing
Galina Lubachevsky was born and raised in beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia (formerly Leningrad).  In 1994, shortly after getting her oceonagraphy engineering degree and giving birth to her first son, she moved to the United States.  In addition to changing her country of residence and language, she decided to change her profession to boot and received two additional degrees in Food Science from the University of Maryland.  Her graduate thesis, titled
"Kinetics of 2-Monoacylglycerol Acyl Migration in Model Chylomicra", shed light onto a small biochemical event in lipid metabolism.  Galina then spent over 15 years in food industry R&D, developing natural food products, and worked part time as a scientific writer writing for Food Chemistry and Food Science journals.

In May 2008, shortly after the birth of her second child, Galina was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor that compressed her brain stem by 50%.  The only tool to cope with the shocking news was "Surgery" guided imagery/meditation. Galina followed this meditation every time she started to panic, which was very often given the doctors bad prognoses.  Three weeks later she underwent a 14-hour craniotomy.  This surgery was only able to remove a portion of the tumor as most of the cranial nerves were trapped inside.  After surgery her neuro-surgeon gave her husband the list of deficits that she was supposed to have as many nerves were damaged.  Miraculously, she only experienced mild deficits that went away shortly after.  
Well, Galina had to learn to walk again, but she was back in her dance class 3 months later.  Only much later did she fully recognized the true role of that  guided imagery and meditation... 

Galina turned  down other conventional medicine treatments.  She was determined to take control of the tumor growth with alternative methods.   Galina dove deep into the world of alternative medicine.   She relentlessly tried any protocol, diet, therapy, or healer that would pass her scientific scrutiny, invariably modifying them.   She worked hard on managing stress while working full-time as a food product developer.  She traveled the world in search of the magic bullet.  But the tumor was still growing back.

The death of her beloved cousin in 2013 pushed her over the edge.  Galina realized that she was going to die soon if something drastic didn't happen so she attended an alternative cancer clinic.  Although she loved the experience, she was feeling worse and worse.  She realized that 3 weeks in the clinic was not going to cut it.  She would need to quit her job, but it was her identity, she couldn't imagine doing that.  Then, for the first time in her life (Galina was an atheist being raised in USSR) Galina prayed to God to help her find the way to quit her job.   The following morning,  she became immobilized and was forced to quit her corporate job.   When strong cancer therapies were stopped and the swelling of the tumor was reduced, she regained her mobility.  This was when she started to take spirituality and mind-body connection seriously. 

Now Galina enjoys full vibrant life in harmony with nature and is very excited to be able to share what she learned on her journey with the world!

Galina lives in beautiful Ellicott City, MD with her husband and youngest son. Her oldest son makes her proud in San Francisco working as a sustainable buildings consultant. Her mom and mother-in-law live nearby in Columbia, MD. In addition to her passion for healing and teaching, Galina loves to find creative ways to use food as a medicine. Her other hobbies include QiGong, Yoga, dancing, gardening, and travel.