"Initially, I came to Galina for chakra balancing and crystal bed treatment. Often, energy healing perceived as something illusive. Not in this case! My experience was very real. Galina has comforting and soothing energy. I almost instantly felt myself sinking into the trance-like state. My body was humming the rest of the day after the session. I do believe, my body was still realigning during a few days after. Galina also suggested a few dietary adjustments which helped me improve my overall well-being . Galina is well articulated and knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. I often consult with her on various topics." - Guzalia Davis.
"Galina's healing bodywork helped me a lot when I was having a difficult time at my life. When my husband died of cancer, I was grieving and emotionally drained and in very difficult financial position as I just lost my job and was left with a small child.    I had a healing energy session with Galina which calmed me down and gave me strength to go on.  Also she gave me a chakra pendant which she programmed specifically for me. I think it played a big role in my emotional healing and well-being. I think it helped me to recover from the death of my beloved husband faster and with the less emotional trauma.   After Galina's healing work a positive shift happened in my life:  for ex. within a week  I got several job offers and found very good job.  This pendant became my talisman, and I still wear it almost all the time. I am very grateful to Galina for her help." - Alla V.
"I have known Galina for 20 years, first as my graduate student and then as a friend and colleague. She is one of the hardest working and dedicated researchers  and the most inspiring individual I have known in my career. I was horrified to learn of her diagnosis and battle with a brain tumor at such a young age. However, I was not at all surprised to learn how she responded to the prognosis that she may never even walk again and went on to defy the odds and celebrate by ballroom dancing and continue leading an active and healthy life. Since then she has been one of my primary contacts for consultation when other friends and family are facing serious health crisis, especially battling cancer. Although no disease or malady is exactly the same for each person, Galina has by both conventional scientific, extensive self-education and personal experience a wealth of knowledge to share with others on healing and wellness practices." - Elizabeth Boyle-Roden, Ph.D.
"Recently I had a pleasure of having Galina over at my house for wellness consultation. Galina is passionate about healthy living and she is very knowledgeable about many techniques and methods that can help to heal not just human’s body, but soul as well. While she was cooking, she was making suggestions how easy to transform your every day eating habits into healthy and make it a life style. Everything seemed to be easy and effortless! I have to tell you that I adjusted my diet based on Galina’s suggestions and was able to live without sugars, slow-carbs and dairy products for a couple of months now! I definitely feel much better - all thanks to Galina! Then Galina showed me her treasure - healing crystals that she collected from all over the world. I could see with what deep knowledge and passion she was talking about every crystal and rock in her possession - where is it from and what healing features it carries. So when she offered to do a crystal healing on me , I was quite intrigued! First, she meditated alone to focus and gain the Divine power to heal. Then she talked about what crystals she is going to use on me and why that would work better. She sensed right away, what I need, like crystals were talking to her, directing to the healing path. She sensed my chakras, pointing blockages or negative energy that she could spot. We talked what might cause it and how I can help myself to remove these energy blocks. The solution was easier than you can think. In my case, Galina suggested to do more creative activities where I would express myself freely that would harmonize the energy in the throat chakra. After Galina completed crystal healing, I felt happy, energized and complete! She also offered to empower a few of my own natural-stone bracelets that I could feel her healing power later when I need it. It was very pleasant and happy experience for me and I’m looking forward for the next opportunity to receive a healing from Galina." -  Olga K.
"I have greatly enjoyed my healing sessions with Galina and always leave feeling more rejuvenated. Caring, knowledgeable and passionate about her work, Galina incorporates multiple healing modalities into each treatment in order to help her clients in the most comprehensive way. In addition to that, Galina has incredible in-depth knowledge of nutrition and supplements. She beautifully combines her vast scientific background with healing touch and dedication to help her clients. I am very thankful for Galina and her work!" - Alina B.
"I welcome Galina's healing touch. Her genuine concern for my well-being is always exhibited throughout the session. I leave feeling heard, cared for, and at peace." -  Jessica Koch.
"I am so glad that I have met Galina during her India visit. She is an amazing healer, almost magical. I loved the energy healing she did on me. Galina's suggestions about the food, supplements and testing that I should take given my hypo thyroid condition helped me a lot. I truly wish Galina comes back to India soon." - Sarika V.
"Galina and I go back 20yrs!! What drew me to her was her honesty and simplicity. We came from vastly different worlds and yet there was a connect as a human being - one of compassion and trust!! Much later, when faced with her health issues she showed much courage and grit under adverse conditions and was an inspiration to all who knew her!! When in India, I encouraged Galina to share her journey as there was much to learn!! 'Less is the new More'- so goes a Buddhist saying and Galina's message was a testament to that!! The best thing we can do for ourselves is invest in OUR self (our most valuable asset) and learn how to love and accept ourselves and Galina had done just that!! How she did it and what tools she used in order to get there are truly experiences worth sharing!! It was a miracle that she could lead a full life, symptom free against what would be expected based on her MRI. While learning how to heal herself she become her own wellness consultant and revisited the simple, holistic lifestyle!! I am happy she shares her experiences and methods!! It is her sincere intention to empower people and assist them in claiming their health and well-being back!! My personal experience after Galina's Energy Healing session was special and unique and I felt a definite positive shift in my life after Galina's healing work. I have had the privilege of being a part of her sessions and I am confident that with her ability to heal she can touch many more lives similarly!! I look forward to learning new tools in healing through her creative workshops and private consultations!" - Shilpa Padmanabhan.
"Galina's life experiences, including her self-healing work, her resourcefulness and knowledge, make her eminently able to assist others in the restoration and improvement of the health of boy, mind and spirit.  I admire and respect her for her ability to manage very serious health challenges, to recover from them, to use them as a stepping stones and to use every tool (spiritual, holistic and allopathic) not only for her healing, but for personal growth.  She is compassionate, kind and caring being.  Those who work with her will be in very good hands." -  Robert A. Fears
“Galina is a talented, thoughtful, caring healer. I most highly recommend!” - Nikki L. Ward