Integrative Healing Workshops

with Group Healing

Experience Self-Empowerment

If you think Galina will come, wave her hands in the air and declare you healed, then you will be disappointed.  Galina is skeptical about magic bullets and instant cures.  She believes that any illness is a wake up call to take an inventory of one's mind, body, spirit and life perspective.

Galina will share lessons that she has learned on her journey with a brain tumor.  She will teach the audience simple and effective holistic techniques to help them tap into their healing power.  She will explain the scientific framework to healing with energy and intention.  The step-by-step directions to a powerful self-healing process will be provided.

At the end of the workshop, Galina will guide the audience via multiple techniques to the actual healing process.  She will use her innate healing abilities to activate and boost the healing process in the audience. 

Participants are encouraged to continue this practice at home to receive continued long lasting benefits.

We all have the incredible power to heal ourselves!