Chakra Balancing

This is  a powerful energy healing modality that balances energy flow in the body.  This is one of the important tools of  "turning dis-ease into ease".   When the energy of the body is in perfect flow, your body can access its incredible healing powers.  

This healing modality goes beyond opening chakras and balancing energy flow.   There are over 100 different healing flows designed for different organs and specific conditions.   It includes famous Chelation (powerful detox) flow, grounding, Shamanic extraction and much more. 

Galina was fortunate to study this therapy with amazing Arlyn Klyne who is the life long student of founder of Energy Healing field  - Rosalyn Bruyere.  Galina still heals in Arlyn's clinic under her guidance.

This is gentle, hands on, non-invasive therapy.  A patient is fully clothed laying on the massage table.  As an extra benefit, Galina's massage table is covered with  Amethyst Biomat (please read about this remarkable device in Tools section).  The  healing state of relaxation and sense of well-being are promoted. 

 Weekly sessions are recommended in the beginning of the treatment.

The fee for 60 min session is $120

The fee for 90 min session is $160