The word "doctor" actually means "teacher".  Galina has no intention of giving you medical advice or urging you to stop going to conventional doctors.  This service intends to bridge the gaps of standard healthcare by providing compassionate care, mentorship, inspiration, guidance, and accountability.  Galina wished many times that she had access to similar support during her journey.

Galina is happy to share her 10 years of experience of successfully managing a chronic life threatening condition in both the standard and alternative medicine continuum.  She guides you out of an overwhelm into a state of physical, emotional and mental vitality.  She helps people understand that they have an incredible innate capacity to heal and can teach
 you to access this ability, imparting long lasting sustainable health.  Galina's focus is on simple and effective holistic tools.  

This is fully collaborative process.  Galina will meet you where you are and teach self-care through self-awareness, relaxation, meditation, nutrition and exercise.  Her approach is enhancing wellness versus focusing on the disease.

  • In order to obtain the best benefits of this program, multiple Wellness consultations are recommended.  They are offered both in person and distantly (via skype, google hangouts and various smartphone applications)
  • single Wellness Consultation 60 min - $150
  • For the best and lasting results, a combination of Energy Healing, Wellness Consultations and Energy/Kineosiology food and supplements testing is recommended

  • Also programs for specific conditions are available:

      • 3 month Chronic Illness Support Program - fee $1650
  1. six 60 min Wellness Consultations (in person or distant)
  2. six 45 min Signature Energy Healing sessions
  3. two 60 min energy/kinesiology food and supplements testing ($150 worth each)
  4. Educational hand outs, guided imagery, meditations and other tools
  5. six 20 minutes mini Wellness Consultations over the phone, Skype or email

  • Surgery Support Program

duration is based on client's needs


  1. one 60 min Wellness Consultation prior to surgery
  2. one 45 min Signature Energy Healing session prior to surgery
  3. Guided imagery/meditation specifically designed to improve surgery outcome and speed up healing process
  4. Signature Energy Healing with reverse-chelation treatment to detox the body from medications and anesthesia and harmonize energy flow
  5. Wellness Consultations - number to be determined

  • 3 month Anti-Migraine Program* - fee $1990


  1. ten 60 minutes Chakra Balancing with migraine protocol
  2. six 60 minutes Wellness consultations
  3. two energy/kinesiology food and supplements testing ($150 worth each)
  4. Dietary guidance
  5. Educational hands out

* for best results the client will need to keep a restricted diet and make some life style modifications