Educational Grocery Store Trips

This is a fun and interactive way to empower your wellness transformational journey.  We will spend about an hour in a grocery store of your choice exploring healthy  food options.  The tour will be tailored to your needs and interests.

Take advantage of Galina's Food Science education coupled with 15 years of experience of food product development and knowledge that she has gained from her own health journey.  Galina has been experimenting with different anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, auto-immune disease targeted, gut healing, anti-candida, SIBO, thyroid supporting diets for the past 10 years.   She now follows her own signature diet which is mostly plant based with the incorporation of small amounts of grass-fed organic meat, poultry, eggs and wild caught fish.  The restrictions that remain constant in her diet for the past 10 years:  gluten, dairy (with exception for the period of time when she stayed on the Budwig diet that calls for cottage cheese),  and sugar.  Galina has also experience with non-restrictive healthy diets as her family does not follow any specific dietary restrictions. 

How to Eat Healthy without Going Broke

Galina is an expert at finding creative ways to save money without jeopardizing the nutritional quality of your diet.   Her resourcefulness  was shaped by spending the first 23 years of her life in the former Soviet Union, which experienced constant food shortages, and by managing to support her family for the first years after her immigration to the US on graduate school assistanship.  

 Schedule of Fees

 Educational Grocery Store Trip* - private - $75/hour
 Educational Grocery Store Trip - 2 people - $40/hour
 Educational Grocery Store Trip - 3-10 people - $30/hour
 Educational Grocery Store Trip - 10+ people - $20/hour

Free educational material is included for all options

* Free Mini food energy/kinesiology testing plus educational material/report on the topic of your choice are included