As an option, Galina's Energy Healing Session can be started with a patient laying on the Still Point Inducer.  This device was created by Osteopathic Physician John E. Upledger, developer of CranioSacral therapy.   The Still Point inducer creates soothing Still Points like those you can achieve when receiving CranioSacral Therapy.  Still Points has been shown to create a pause in the rhythm of the craniosacral system and increase the movement of fluid through the craniosacral system.

It also may help in:
  • Releasing  tissue tension
  • Improving the body's ability to relieve pain naturally
  • Providing deep relaxation and helping reduce stress
  • Easing headaches
  • Relieving chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • Enhancing Immune System efficiency
  • Facilitating your body's self-correcting abilities
  • Promoting an overall sense of well-being